The One-Off Carers Break Grant Programme is now open to applications for this financial year.

In order to support as many parent/carers and disabled children as possible, the maximum amount that can be applied for per financial year is £500.

If you would like to submit an application for a Carers Break Grant please apply taking the following into account:

Eligibility Criteria – Carers Break Grants continue to form part of Surrey’s ‘Early Help Programme’.

The general eligibility criteria remain the same:

  • applications must relate to a disabled child or young person aged between 0 – 18yrs
  • the disabled child or young person must be a resident of Surrey
  • applications must be accompanied by an *assessment of need

The panel may also consider whether a family has received a grant in the past before making a final decision.

Application Process
When completing the application form please provide a breakdown as to how the grant will be utilised and only request what is necessary.

Types of *assessments accepted include:

  1. Carer’s Assessment – professionals working for carer support organisations should submit a carer’s assessment with a carer’s break grant application form directly to the Surrey Short Breaks Team for consideration.
  2. CAF/Early Help Assessment – professionals working within the children’s workforce should submit a CAF/early help assessment that clearly outlines the request for a one off carers break grant and its intended outcome in the action plan. The application and assessment should be submitted directly to both the Early Help Team and the Short Breaks Team.

Once the initial criteria are met, the panel will evaluate if it can award a grant based on whether or not the parent/carer of a disabled child or young person would benefit from ‘Selective Primary Prevention’ as outlined in the Early Help Strategy. This focuses on children and families who are at a higher than average risk of developing problems and where it is anticipated that their needs would not be met by universal services alone.

Where high levels of need are identified the Early Help Team and/or the Surrey Short Break Team may suggest other sources of support for the family in addition to, or instead of awarding a grant.

Please note:

  • Carers Break Grants are discretionary payments and therefore we are unable to guarantee that all requests for funding will be approved
  • Applications or assessments that are incomplete, have no consent or no clear action plan will be returned
  • Assessments over 6 months old cannot be considered unless there is an up-to-date review and new action plan
  • The programme isn’t available to children who are open to a social care team on the basis that support will be provided through the child in need plan

If you would like a copy of the application form, Carer Break Handout information leaflet or Sources of Support document please e-mail