The Surrey Short Breaks team are pleased to share that we have secured a discount code for Standard Annual Merlin Pass for families of disabled children living in Surrey. The discount code enables you to purchase Standard Annual Passes at a cost of £91.75 per pass instead of the full price cost of £169 per pass.

How do I use the discount code?
The code can only be used when purchasing passes over the phone by calling Merlin Entertainment’s directly on 08444 77 44 44 and quoting the discount code.

To obtain the discount code please contact Gabi Stiles by e-mail

Who can the discount code be used for?
The code can be used to purchase passes for all family members, not just the disabled child/children.

Will I get a complimentary carers pass?
You will be issued with a complimentary carers pass if proof of your child’s disability is provided when you pick up your disabled child’s pass; please discuss this with Merlin who will provide more detail of what is required and who can use the pass.

How long is the code valid for?
The code is valid until 25th December 2015, so you will need to purchase your pass/passes before this date. The pass itself will be valid for a year from the date of purchase.