It is increasingly common for children and young people (CYP) to experience mental health issues. Being hearing impaired, our CYP have even more to contend with.

CAMHS and Deaf CAMHS are all in high demand and waiting lists for referrals and for appointments are very long. Surrey Deaf Children Society (SDCS) recognise the urgency and importance of this provision. Therefore, we offer mental health therapy via different pathways to our CYP, depending on their age, method of communication and location. If you (i.e. parents/carers/young person in self-referral cases) would like to use this service for a child/young person, please read through our Terms and Conditions.

In order for a child or young person to qualify for the therapy, their parents or carers need to be SDCS members. The CYP has to be under 21 years old and have a permanent hearing loss (unfortunately glue ears cases cannot be considered due to the financial constraints).

Parents can apply for their child. The young person may use this service themselves confidentially if certain conditions are met.

Please note: If your child or young person is experiencing a mental health crisis, for urgent provision within Surrey, please click here.

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