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Nearly half of all children with mild and moderate deafness are falling behind in mainstream school, new research published by The National Deaf Children’s Society during Deaf Awareness Week shows.

Poor acoustics, lack of staff awareness and late diagnosis are contributing to a significant impact on the 20,000 UK children with mild and moderate deafness throughout the school day.

The National Deaf Children’s Society is now calling on the Government to ensure that services are sufficiently resourced to provide the vital support needed to ensure these children don’t get left behind unnecessarily.

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Signature has developed a GCSE in British Sign Language (BSL) which will be piloted in schools in September. Signature want to ensure more people, deaf and hearing, learn BSL.

They have entered into Pitch to Rich 2015 under the Grow category to help them market the GCSE in BSL to schools.

They need your vote to ensure they make it into the next round of the competition.

They would really appreciate if you could take the time to click and vote for them.

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There are now changes to NDCS’s ability to provide specialised, targeted, residential events for deaf children with additional complex needs who require nursing and/or a high level of personal or physical care, or present behaviour which impacts on the safety of themselves or others.

Read a letter from Helen Cable, Executive Director of Children, Young People and Families, about recent communications about the changes.

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