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NDCS has been working with the big cinema chains nationally to improve the provision of subtitled screenings of children’s films. The Your Local Cinema website is a website which lists subtitled shows around the UK. You can access the main website by clicking on the logo above or going to The website also lists all Cineworld and Vue cinema's children's club screening times in one place here: Please contact the the cinema beforehand to check that the subtitled screening is still on.

From 9 January 2015, 14 Odeon cinemas – including Kingston - will be showing a subtitled film every weekend for a 12 week period. Visit from the Tuesday before each week to find out what film is showing that week.

This article first appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Attain (

One language is often overlooked but should be universally taught, argues Matt Robinson, Junior School Head of the City of London Freemen’s School. This language is different - it's entirely silent.

As a parent, you may have questioned the number of languages, both ancient and modern, that your child is taught. The solution is to add another - one more language which I feel passionately should be introduced across IAPS prep schools and which would bring huge advantages to pupils. It is one that is separate and distinct; one that has its own structure, vocabulary and dialects. It is a language that guarantees smiles and frowns, obvious frustrations and the stamping of feet. Indeed this language demands all those things.

As the little brother of a profoundly deaf sister, I have been a staunch advocate of exposing pupils to sign language (and in particular British Sign Language) for the whole of my teaching career. And it is for reasons other than just increasing a pupil's chances of communicating with deaf people, though that should be reason enough. My hearing sister contracted meningitis at eight months and when my parents brought her home she was brain damaged: physically disabled and deaf. I arrived 16 months later so have always known the deaf world. Through the 70s and 80s we communicated in our own family way, my parents having been advised to educate her via the Oral communication method.

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