Who we are

Welcome to the Surrey Deaf Children's Society. We are here to help deaf children and their families to meet other deaf children, adults and their families. We can provide support and information based on our own experiences with our deaf children or as deaf adults. It is free to join the Surrey Deaf Children's Society and we will send you details of all our events. Events are held frequently for pre-school, primary and secondary aged children and their families.

The membership of Surrey Deaf Children's Society (SDCS) is made up of families with Deaf children and professionals working with Deaf children in Surrey, such as teachers of the Deaf, social workers and health service staff. It is run by a committee composed of parents and professionals.  We provide support for both oral/aural and BSL families.

We organise a number of monthly events for deaf children, young people and their families as well as occasional larger events such as Christmas parties and our AGM.

NDCS Affiliation
As a local Deaf Children's Society affiliated to the National Deaf Children's Society we have close links with them and they offer us a lot of support and training for our committee.

We are not the same organisation – we are all volunteers working from our own homes and the NDCS is a large national charity! This means that we will often point you towards them for help – they have many useful publications, a helpline, a legal team who can help with tribunals, family officers and evens for families and children.

I would urge you all to join – it's free! – and then they will send you information about all their services. In the meantime here are some links to useful pages of their site:

Understanding Deafness (all the jargon!):


Information on technology:

The Helpline: